The CBOI accepts applications on an ongoing basis. We are all inclusive and there is no audition process. Please feel free to submit an application below!


The orchestra meets in Dundalk on most Sundays from mid August until January and undertakes a National Concert Tour in February. The orchestra breaks at the end of February / beginning of March to facilitate students in college of those doing Junior Cert/Leaving Cert/GCSEs/A-Levels. Please make sure to check the schedule on our website to ensure you can attend all rehearsals workshops and concerts.

You do not need to be a great musician to join the CBOI but you need to be very committed to all rehearsals and performances so that you can become a great musician. Through their dedication and commitment over the years, the CBOI’s members have become outstanding young musicians as well as exceptional role models and young ambassadors for Ireland.

Who Can Apply?

  • Only those who are taking lessons in their instrument should apply.
  • Applicants should be between the ages of 13 and 24 years on January 1st 2015. The CBOI reserves the right to make exceptions to age limits. The CBOI reserves the right to admission in all cases.

Points to Note Before Applying


A 5 – 10 day workshop is held in August and at Christmas.
Rehearsals are held on most Sundays from September to January in the Dundalk Institute of Technology or alternate venue in Dundalk
Musicians are expected to attend all rehearsals, workshops and concerts.


  • There is no audition to join the CBOI except for piano players who must audition.
  • The conductor/director may request to audition members from time to time to ensure they are making progress and/or place them correctly within the orchestra. Those who are not committed or after some considerable time are not progressing, may be asked to leave.


  • Members pay an annual administration fee of €100
  • There is no cost for workshops/rehearsals
  • Members pay their transport, accommodation and subsistence costs for all tours.
  • The official CBOI shirt/blouse costs €30. Members also need black trousers/skirt and shoes.


The CBOI usually undertakes an international concert out every second year. The orchestra has also performed at Royal Albert Hall, London, Carnegie Hall, New York; Boston Symphony Hall, Chicago Symphony Hall; Oriental Arts Centre. Members pay their transport, accommodation and subsistence costs. All members are expected to participate.


The National Spring Tour Concerts take place in late January – early March each year. Members cover the costs of their travel, food and accommodation.

Conditions of CBOI Membership

Please also fully read the Conditions of CBOI Membership before completing this form.

Application Form

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